W omens Day?

March 8 is a International Women day .A day which signifies the worth of a Women on this world.  Its a celebration which says that no one has power to make you feel inferior,it says that Women your superior .

A women who is a beautiful mother,great  friend,lovely  wife,caring sister giving life to this  beautiful world and making it more live by her presence . she is magnificent,smart ,generous,strong,courageous.

World needs to know her worth .She is a hero in every field and can do almost everything with her strong willpower and compassionate.

But Unfortunately Women faces discrimination. Being in modern 21st century,having so many technological development and advancement women in the society still suffering and fighting for her rights. There are places where they put restriction on women’s ability to do job,study or the way they want to live their life. Women like men deserve every opportunity to fulfill their dreams no matter which part of the world they are residing.

They face domestic violence

Work places where they treated as  slaves but  not as employees.

Wage/Pay discrimination

Sexual harassment

Gender Inequality

and many more …

There should  be no difference between men and women .Sexual,racial,gender and other discrimination has to go away from the society. In order to give a  real meaning to International W omens Day ,Women need freedom from fear,freedom from hatred,freedom from unemployment. They want Love,affection,respect and support which in return will make world more meaningful because women is simply wonderful.



Author: imfunz

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